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PW50 Aftermarket Minis Billet Top Plate

PW50 Aftermarket Minis Billet Top Plate

PW50 Aftermarket Minis Billet Top Plate is used when you want to upgrade your handlebar kit to also have a complete triple clamp as well. Our billet top plate is about 1/2" thick billet aluminum and also has 3 handlebar mounting locations for smaller and larger riders. Our center mounting hole is in stock position, and we have also added a mounting hole .60" closer to the rider and a hole .60" further than stock position. We have also designed the top plate for the taper steering bearing kit as its a taller stack height you normally would have to raise the forks up in the clamp giving you less front suspension travel or add a fork spacer to fix it. With our top plate being thicker you will not have to slide your forks up or add a spacer to correct the taller stack height of the aftermarket taper steering bearing kits. This is also another product we can say MADE IN THE USA

Our Billet top plate will also work with other manufacturers PW50 handlebar kits.

Kit comes complete with black billet top plate, 2x M8x30 stainless steel bolts and 2x washers. These bolts are longer than our normal bolts because of the plate being thicker.

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